@mxsiege I’m old enough to remember getting paid to do it as my college job...

@StephanieRose i fucking loved doing this and would do it to all the school computer mice too it was so satisfyinggggg

@StephanieRose I miss ball mice, but then again I was too young to be the one who had to clean them...

@StephanieRose my dad tried this once but he mistook the built-up dust for a worn out felt pad. He had scraped it clean and was gluing a new piece of felt to the roller when my brother came in and asked what the hell he was doing. My family ever since refers to attempting computer maintenance when you don't know what you're doing as "re-felting the mouse"

@robotcarsley @StephanieRose omg it did look like that, I think I thought the same thing at first

@StephanieRose boy i'm sure glad i don't have to do that annoying task anymore
*picks hairs out of his optical mouse*

@StephanieRose optical mice still get dirty, they're just harder to clean

@StephanieRose i remember getting my first laser mouse (it would randomly track to a corner for no reason sometimes) in like 2003ish

@StephanieRose mouse spa day never went away for us
the ball just moved from the bottom to the top


@StephanieRose hahaha. This reminds me of when we'd take the mouse balls out in the school computer labs and wreak havoc. 😂😈🖱

@clayton @StephanieRose same!! my school had to change to laser mice sooner than they’d have liked as people kept nicking the mice balls 😂

@StephanieRose I read an account at one point of someone stealing balls from mice at the computer store and then taking the mice from the trash and putting the balls back in and selling them, but I can't remember where that story's from

@StephanieRose I use trackball mice (where you move the ball with your thumb and the mouse stays still). This activity lives on - it's just a bit easier and you don't need to do it as often.

@StephanieRose That's right baby, wash my mouse balls. Wash em good ....

@StephanieRose alternatively, just hoy the trackball across the classroom at someone.

@StephanieRose I'm old enough in Internet years to have seen us loop back around to reinvent the light pen with hookers and blackjack (as a stylus on resistive touchscreens) and then forget the whole thing with capacitive touchscreens and phones you can plug mice into.

@StephanieRose c'est vrai qu'aujourd'hui les souris n'ont plus de trou de boule.


@StephanieRose I used to just scrape the cruft off the rollers my mechanical pencil.


Mmmh, what if I use a trackball on my main machine ?

And of course, I have a bunch of old machines with ball mouse

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