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Gimme some queer music to play as intros for our daily work syncs during Pride. 🌈 :boost_requested:

This week, I discovered that if you have no furniture, you can fit 29,200 turnips on your floors.

For a limited time, anyone age 13-21 can get a free Brooklyn Public Library card to check out ebooks with as part of their Books Unbanned initiative. And, if you’re able, you can also donate $50 to support one out-of-state teen card for a year.

I don't know if I've mentioned here how much I appreciate that my AirPods (both Pro and Max) are tuned for my hearing loss, but goddamn do I appreciate the heck outta that.

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and hit it right on the nose with this one

Ok this is a pretty good from your local enby right (eye contact)

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Here's the printing press upstairs, because apparently 's customers still read physical books.

I found 20% of my villagers sleeping standing up this morning.

One fell asleep again immediately after he woke with a start upon seeing me.

Welcome to Daylight Savings Time. 🥱

And here's Siri Voice 5 which I have painstakingly recorded for your listening pleasure.

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Comparison time! Here's the original video clip of Scorpia.

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APPLE: We're shipping a new genderless Siri voice recorded by a queer person

PROBABLY CISHET TECH JOURNO: Sounds passive-agressive lol

COMMENTERS: [a bunch of hateful shit I'll spare you]


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Have I ever mentioned that Joey is best villager?

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