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Well, I remodeled Joey's home, and he has wasted no time embracing his new lavish lifestyle

Has anyone else been doing the oat milk thing so long that they instinctively try to shake a carton of cow milk when presented with one

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It rained, so I am busy destroying all the new trash flowers that have sprouted

Hey there from the inside of my car in a dark parking lot. Night mode is fun. (eye contact)

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The thunder crash was just perfect, haha

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So apparently my amiibo adventures led to a startling development in the world of legendary horses

Hmm, the latest beta removes /usr/bin/python.

Admittedly, it's long past time 2 was retired. But also… it's basically a core OS interface at this point.

I noticed when the Visual Studio Code command-line launcher failed to launch. (There's a fix in the Insider build:

Bill McClintock is at it again. Don't press play, you can't unhear this. 🀣

It’s the Underground Parking Structure Current Available Capacity Number of the Beast

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My friend made a fake 80's album. Uh, I mean... I'm sure you remember these hits from the 80's... they always played them on the radio... right?... right?

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