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Oh my gosh this was an epic , I love you all :QCL_Enby:

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It’s and I need a haircut. πŸ’‡πŸ» ( with eye contact)

I wonder if people have archived the Iwata Asks interviews somewhere, those are such video game history gold and really wonderful reads to boot

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My alarm went off this morning, I woke up, and my first thought was that I'm feeling arcanely bisexual.

I just got done plugging several cables between my big ol' USB-C PD 87W adapter and reading what wattage my computer negotiated for charging so I could label them for future use.

As if USB-C isn't confusing enough with ports and cables that may or may not support the specific protocol you need, the "charging" cables also support varying top wattages without any indication what they'll support until you plug 'em in.

Happy ! Stay safe, everyone. ❀️ ( with eye contact)

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000 foss peeps: we don't owe you nothing, we code, you make do

010 mortal humans: okay then, I use this tool that has the features I need

020 foss peeps: no, that's proprietary, it's unethical evil, don't touch it

030 mortal humans: I guess you'll add the feature I need then

040 foss peeps: GOTO 000

It seems the and Loftwing amiibo I bought has sold out again already, and I just was super lucky that I was playing the game this week and thought β€œhey I wonder if they reprinted that.”

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New toy. (There was a reprint. No way was I paying scalpers’ price for this.)

There’s a new Liquid Tension Experiment album 🎢

It seems they did not release it on Bandcamp unlike the others though

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Good morning! I'm feeling obnoxiously bisexual.

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the experts on transness are trans people.

even so, transness is variable; there might be folks doing it differently than you but it doesn't mean they're doing it wrong

mental health goal 

Goal: to know myself better than I know this awful caricature of myself that the voices I’ve internalized have of me.

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The artist who made the original β€œGay Agenda” strip moved Tumblrs and I had to go digging to find it so here it is for you so you don’t have to.

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