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The book-report description of the music video for “It’s Raining Men” on Wikipedia makes me giggle 🤭's_R

> The opening sequence of the video features the Weather Girls in a news station. The duo give a forecast prediction that it will rain men from the sky. After looking out of the station window to see the sky raining men, the Weather Girls leap out of the window with their umbrellas to join the men. Several dancers are seen in the music video performing choreography…

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Hey so i heard you're trans and uhm😳 I'm sorry if this is too private a question to ask, but 😳
Do you have the... you know... 😳

Do you have any recommendations what synthesizer I should get?

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Pour yourself a drink and let me tell you about my day. I was politely bisexual.

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these are some of the new badges in my etsy shop, I love how these turned out :D 💚 (link in my bio!)

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Looking back on this day, I can say that I was sweetly bisexual.

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I feel like more people should understand that saying you don’t know something is a way to gain credibility, not lose it.

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Amazon, terrible practices 

Their shittiness isn't just limited to retail and extends to the tech division too.

Someone posted on Facebook about Garak and I fell down a gay rabbit hole of crushing on Alexander Siddig once again

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Good covid vaccine news, but CW picture of needle in the link preview 

This is cool! A friend of mine in the UK was part of the trial for this, but if not for her I wouldn't have heard about it at all until now.

We have another highly effective COVID vaccine, based on different tech

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Shh... don't tell anyone, but this morning I'm feeling enthusiastically bisexual.

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pandemic, mental health, joke 

EVERYONE: oh I’m gonna read so many books during the pandemic


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Happy Pride Month to:
*Anyone that's changed labels a bunch trying to find one that suits them
*Anyone thats made up their own label
*System and plural queers
*People who "always knew"
*People who didnt figure out they were queer until much later in life
*Queer people who have been told they aren't "queer enough", trust you definitely are
*Anyone thats ever been accused of having a "straight passing" relationship
*Anyone who understands how the above two points are related
*Elder Queers passing down history to us
*Those that should have been Elder Queers called to be ancestors too early

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