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Question for listeners—

If a track sounds distorted—similar to gain being set too high—is that a thing that can be caused by the needle or something with the record itself?

I really haven’t had a record player since I was a kiddo, so.

ME: [checks clock] It’s probably too late to watch The Falcon and Captain America’s Boyfriend, isn’t it

It should be so tedious to play all four sides of a double album and yet I’m thinking I’ll do that again this morning instead of just asking the HomePod to play it all for me

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Queer update: If you were wondering, I'm feeling squishily queer.

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Reporting in for today: I was tastily bisexual.

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Finnish gender neutral pronouns translated into English.


Source: Vuokko Aro

Cranking the HomePod with white noise actually does seem to be helping me forget about my tinnitus, and by extension is making me feel significantly less on-edge

You can tell it’s going to be a morning when you try mightily to use all your high school Spanish to decipher the directions to cook your breakfast instead of reading the ones written in your native language right next to them

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Aww! It's Bandcamp Friday, and I almost forgot, but some super nice person (you know who you are 😘) bought my latest album, and now I feel very happy!

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