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Couldn’t doze this morning, body is trying again on me 😴

Hi kids, remember to drink your water today, don’t be like me yesterday and think “well I had coffee and Pepsi Max”

Think I will try to let myself doze for a bit. 😴

Real talk though, wish my friends were more “I am up at 4:00” instead of “I am up until 2:00” 😆

Yeah, it’s a little early, I can’t really sleep anymore. But I got… I guess almost six hours? Which isn’t too bad. Nap today if I can get it.

Good morning, friends.

Always take care of those you love. ❤️

Y’all, we built the Internet in an incredibly short-sighted, thoughtless, and frankly unsafe way.

Bi friends: remember the Mother of this season.

“The next time someone asks you why LGBT Pride marches exist or why Gay Pride Month is June tell them ‘A woman named Brenda Howard thought it should be.’” — Tom Limoncelli


IRC's best feature is that you will never see messages that were sent when you're not online

-checks calendar- oh that’s right I have a little over seventy-two hours to write an hour-long talk on LGBTQIA+ history 😬

Watching the Engagement™ of a post about crying vs. a post about coffee and it’s very illuminating 😛

Crying is so dang stigmatized and that is one of the absolute worst things.

Men aren’t allowed to do it. Even if they’ve lost someone.

Women must apologize profusely for it.

Everyone ends up stuffing it in until it explodes.

It makes everyone else uncomfortable, creates fear.

People grow up never learning how to be present for someone who is crying, be with them—they are only taught to try to get them to stop.

SOPHIE had it right. (Lyrics:

Arriving today: Gilbert Baker’s “Rainbow Warrior”. Excited to read this and I hope I can get enough out of it in time to use in the lunch I’m gonna do at work next week as part of our stuff. 🏳️‍🌈

Good morning, y’all.

Kind of tired and sore. Wondering if I can make myself ride today. 🤔

I really need to get around to loading the new @biupdatebot adverbs and I came up with several weeks ago. Someday. There are some really good ones in there and frankly they’re all hers.

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