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Wondering how many folks in our slice of the fediverse are queer. 🏳️‍🌈

(Boosts fine but no worries.)

(Redrafted to fix a wording, sry!)

@mood Also this is not at all intended to push anything back on you, sorry! I am just reflecting on how I could do better

@mood I apologize—I try not to cross folks’ boundaries and just give them space but more often than not that means I’m just sitting here being quiet 😞

@MmeLibertine Yeah, @viciousviscosity is the best.

I feel a little weird glomming on to this sentiment though since I don’t feel particularly like I’m quite so present, myself.

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is there anyone one the fedi with experience writing a letter or statement explaining why printing a name-change statement in the paper could be unsafe? like, in a way that the court will take seriously?

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BEN: Then the Emperor has already won. You were our only hope.
LUKE: Yoda spoke of another.
BEN: Oh yeah he must’ve meant Ahsoka Tano, a fully trained warrior badass who’s alive just offscreen. She’s got two lightsabers
LUKE: That’s badass.
BEN: You only have one and you lost it

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Just so you know: I'm feeling startlingly bisexual.

weights and measures 

@eject Heat the stones until they reach the desired temperature

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I need to tell you something. I'm feeling distractedly bisexual.

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Marking today down as the day I was ethically bisexual.

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Goodness. This morning I'm feeling warmly bisexual.

@tootapp Heyo! I am having some trouble—on iPad, at least. If i tap one of the DM bubbles, I’ll get the DM popup, but the app will then be unresponsive to any further input. I need to force-quit it and restart.

Opening DMs via the Direct messages menu works for reading and thus dismissing the bubbles.

Feature request, too, btw—can command-N be set to invoke the toot button? And command-return to toot from the toot dialog?

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