If I have to go to work, I may as well look good. (eye contact)

pet death 

With The Great Ace Attorney coming out soon and reminding me of all the great Ace Attorney games, I was also remembering Takumi’s amazing Ghost Trick and particularly the amazing Missile. Made me wonder…

I was expecting that the real-life Missile had passed on, and I found out that was indeed the case, a few years back. RIP Missile. twitter.com/boltgsr/status/106

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have you considered just sweatpants everyday

ME: Okay, brain, we're doing again. We need to use the unbelievably-equal operator everywhere.

MY HANDS: array.find(…) !=== undefined

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Been catching up on FX’s “Pride” today and I’m so grateful we have been able to hear from so many queer elders in documentaries like this over recent years. hulu.com/series/pride-43ac99ac

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Hey, I'm kinda thinking that today I'm feeling shatteringly bisexual.

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Idea for an app

You feed it a recipe, and it'll tell you where in the typical supermarket you'll find the ingredients

So if the recipe says for instance, puy lentils, and you go "what the fuck are those", it'll say "they're normally near the rice and shit"

This idea brought to you by me wandering the Brighouse Sainsbury's for literally 20 minutes yesterday looking for puy lentils

@ak I love this, but also I can think of a few local stores that would totally confound its logic 😅

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In OUR bathroom? We have one black bottle of MAN hand soap. One pink bottle refilled with store brand PURPLE hand soap. And one bulk size bottle of DISH soap on the floor.
And basically? Thats the genders

@lilletale (in all seriousness I’m paranoid about not putting one in right at night)

@lilletale Unfortunately, as you may have suspected, electronics

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