@anna Yup, I’ve seen this too. I love the service, but wish there was a way to get this fixed.

I think the most difficult concept to teach people about containerized development is that it's basically another computer.

You can't set an environment var on your MacBook and have it available in your Docker container. You have to be explicit.

Come to think of it, boundaries in general are difficult to get a grasp on—why you want them in the first place, vs. installing all dependencies into one context (your computer) and struggling with the interplay between everything you've installed.

At some point I’d like to make it cache so it works without an internet connection, and maybe have some voice controls or something. In the meantime, it works and starts talking as soon as you hit Enter.

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I made this little sorta-PWA to make it hopefully easy to make your phone speak for you. Add it to your Home Screen and try it out! zigg.com/speaker/

video game screenshot 

I promise you I did not fake this screenshot of this particular tip, this is 100% real

@xyzzy @bright_helpings @moiety oh man, choices! I am gonna say either one works 😁

I recall someone had made battery emoji that could be used to communicate the amount of energy someone had.

Who has those?

I did a little personal automation project awhile back that required the use of APIs. Figuring out how to do this in without launching a massive Xcode project was pretty sweet. spin.atomicobject.com/2022/08/

@chuck This attaches onto the AeroPress 🙂 It's an upgrade.

My inner coffee nerd has been awakened once again. I've always been a no-invert purist, but… the Prismo is so delightful to use and is so delicious. fellowproducts.com/products/pr

video game screenshot 

Made a few flags for your fireworks show tonight. Hit up creator id MA-7761-0202-7238 for the full set and a bonus sleeveless tee.

@maddoxjacobs That’s Pompom. She’d been randomly singing in the plaza all evening on her own, so I dropped the music player for her and Benedict came to join in. 😊

@gingerrroot @greyor OMG, I loved when you did those watch parties

That was my first time, and I have since watched the entire series three times through ☺️

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