@June @moiety idk, I think this is a really great way to discuss the issue! Thank you so much for sharing πŸ™‚

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negative words 

@freyja_wildes To clarify, I hear people use words like "beggar" or "panhandler" and both of them feel pretty loaded with negativity

But you're right that "support" describes the act

@balrogboogie Actually mutual aid is pretty close, honestly, when doing it in-person it's very much a community thing

@freyja_wildes Those are great things to say to folks one supports, but I'm trying to find a word to use to describe the act or person to another πŸ€”

Anyone have a word for someone who is asking for supportβ€”online, on the street, etc.β€”that's not loaded as hell with negativity or a sense of superiority? There must be a kinder word to use than the ones I always hear.

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Who has two thumbs, didn't look at the top knob on the toaster oven, and accidentally broiled a Pop-Tart? it me

@stelepami I am very aware what an accomplishment that is! Way to go πŸ™‚

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@djsundog You may have found a compelling use for quantum computing

OTHER PEOPLE: I am playing this really hard game for fun

ME: [seriously considering just using the Invincibility Leaf on the Super Mario 3D World boss rush]

@djsundog But will you ever be able to reclaim those CPU cycles

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when you picture what kind of dog someone would be, that’s your head canine

@moiety It seems there is a waarraant out for my aarreesstttttt

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