@Shonalika I feel like the arc mirrored me trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the fediverse

In the beginning I was a snarky but unhappy tweeter maybe subconsciously looking for higher-quality connections

I left everything open because I thought I needed lots of β€œfriends” to be happy

But I spent so much time in close friendships that I realized what I wanted was human interactions, people I could really get to know, and I did

It’s been wonderful, really πŸ™‚

@Shonalika Started on m.s because that’s all I knew existed

Was on Octodon for when m.s was being finicky

Moved to Cybrespace because I had a close friend there and because it seemed really cool

Experimented a bit with a locked, follower-only account for really personal feels

Felt overwhelmed by so many hundreds of followers (who the heck is reading my follower posts?) and went looking for a cozier space

Picked Queer Garden because it sounded peaceful, locked my account, settled in


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@maloki I’m a pretty big Signal fan. Just a fair warning, if you use the desktop client you may run into some weirdness from time to timeβ€”the reset session option will help you straighten it out.

@synaesthetica It’s a specific application where the machine is integrated into a closed network

Is it just me or is it now entirely impossible to turn off the _daily_ firewall-disabled notifications in 😐

(yes, I know what I'm doing, no, I don't generally advise doing this)

@MmeLibertine @paeneultima @balrogboogie @Mj Haha yeah, I got my reunion materials and was like, "wait, I think I liked, like, one person from my class"

@balrogboogie @Mj We are both legit old but thankfully old doesn't detract from cute

@Mj We could have been _graduation buddies_ though

@Mj Oh god you're so young

(class of '95)

I totally get and respect why someone would want to generally post follower-only, but it's strange from the outside seeing my friends responding to someone and not having a single clue what that person is like at all

@Grey_Ghost It better not rain here, at least not on my ride home 😒

GLOOMY ME: Look at these beautiful people enbying better than you ever will

CHEERLEADER ME: It’s actually impossible for one person to enby better than any other person

Some days I picture two tiny ziggs on my shoulders, kind of like the cartoon angel and devil, except mine are a gloomy downcast zigg and a zigg waving pom-poms shouting encouragement

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