@dockers Haha, alright. I hope for the best for y’all. 💜

@dockers Heck yeah it is. And that presumes they have any right to give you unasked-for and worthless “advice” anyway—they do not

Anyway I can stop ranting if it’s not helpful, it made me angry that people were treating you like this

@dockers If people are giving you grief for this they are really the worst

@moiety It is nice that, if I’m rarely going to leave my apartment complex, it’s at least pretty 😅

Sometimes one wakes up, very early in the wee hours, with four words written in fire on the walls of one’s mind—“Mario Kart’s deep lore”

I recommend this little guy here if you bought a MagSafe charger and want to keep it in place on a side table. It won’t lift off with your phone, and it works great with the MagSafe’s Qi support to charge AirPods Pro too. spigen.com/products/s315ms-cha

@stolas Select to share from the photo album, it’ll show you two QR codes on the Switch screen. The first connects you to the wireless network, the second to the webpage with your photo(s) or video

@stolas I just tried it, it isn’t even via the Internet—the Switch opens a wireless network locally for you to connect to and download from

@stolas Looks like there’s a feature to export via the Internet to a web page too, which you can then scan via QR code

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Nice, there's a Nintendo Switch Firmwere Update that allows you to copy photos and videos off it onto a PC using a USB cable instead of having to take the SD card out.



@craigmaloney Yeahhhhh

I did it successfully once and I'm kind of ashamed of how proud I was of myself


@error_1202 That’s fair, but there are twenty kinds of orange juice that are “no pulp” and two that are “some” and “high” and the latter are the one I can never get reliably at the store.

(I don’t even think those numbers are hyperbolic, heh! They’re pretty close.)


@mood I like to think there’s a lab somewhere where a bunch of people in white coats are competing to deliver a drink with the lowest possible “% fruit juice” they can get


Why do so many people apparently want orange juice only in a “no pulp” format


@c0debabe I still can’t get over “cyber”, but I have never known when to let a joke go 😅

@mood Thank you ☺️

The majority thing is totally fair and regrettably familiar—over the years that group has made me anxious more than once and led me to self-censor, not least because I have had a handful of bad experiences with vulnerable posts I’ve made in the past.

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