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Sometimes they cuddle together like this and they look like one organism

Did you ask for this? Because I sure as hell did not

@iks I kind of wanted to use it again

I guess they folded but one of them has a Patreon to keep it running

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trans men ARE men
trans women ARE women
nonbinary people ARE owed $20 for every time they're misgendered

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@trechnex I am convinced OpenBSD’s CVS will outlive the heat death of the universe

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never in our history have cats been used by cops. cats are anarchists. cats say acab.

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@anna I worked from home at the desk built in to my apartment's wall for a good three months before we started shipping people their regular desks from the office.

The pain I developed in my right arm is starting to subside now… I should've done something a long time before.

@stolas Hah, I never got that with Ultra Zero, kinda whitish. Which flavor are you pouring?

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I feel like less and less people on the fedi are using imagine descriptions and it bums me out so fucking much.

we have a tool that allows us to, with almost no effort, make this space wildly accessable to people who don't normally get that space. a tiny amount of time that has a huge impact on people's lives

how do you not see how powerful and cool that is how do you not use it I just don't understand

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