After 400 days in my apartment, you'd think I'd be patient with shipping delays. πŸ™ƒ

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Everyone is focused on the ransomware… they should really be focused on the delivery mechanisms.

Mental health, covid, families (-) 

@TQ 🧑

@dockers Ugh, I’m sorry 😞

Please remember though that just because computers thought you were interested in a thing doesn’t mean you are. Facebook once thought I was into right-wing shit because I’d read about it and talk about how awful it was.

Anyway, I hope this helps. 🧑

@dockers Somewhere buried in your settings (something under ads, as I recall), you can find a list of topics Facebook has decided you’re interested in. Maybe you can go through there and delete a few?

Of course, it might come back later. But it might also give you a little relief.

@xyzzy I guess this was inevitable but still, wow

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i was originally looking for a phone case that looks like a game boy, but i discovered that those have apparently been replaced by phone cases that are Actual Gameboys. that feels unnecessary even for me.

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screw your non-fungible tokens. me, I want my tokens to funge. I want them to funge and never stop funging. permafungible. nothing but funge, beginning to end.

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It's #BandcampFriday, and my new EP is out! Spacewave goodness, slow, calm, like drifting through space.

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It's 8 o'clock, and I'm feeling confidently bisexual.

@britvulcan The superpowers are pretty great, they include seeing the faces of people you've known, like, a year and giving them hugs if consented-to, but only if they've also developed superpowers

re: death 

@kurtm All the love, friend. 🧑

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@c0debabe @lilletale Please know you don’t have to! I am just interested in case you wanted to talk more about it

I am actually getting hearing aids tomorrow with a built-in tinnitus management mode (mine is pretty quiet but annoying) so I’m curious about learning all about this stuff

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