This week, I discovered that if you have no furniture, you can fit 29,200 turnips on your floors.

dark humor 

@bright_helpings @checkervest Give me sleep or give me death!

oh wait I think that’s exactly how that goes, actually 🀭

@checkervest Highly relatable content, this. I’m not supposed to be awake yet but my brain appears to have other ideas.


@stelepami oh! Well, save it for next time. ☺️


@stelepami 🧑 feel that.

@gannet @eilatan I’ve been a Metatext fan for awhile now πŸ™‚

For a limited time, anyone age 13-21 can get a free Brooklyn Public Library card to check out ebooks with as part of their Books Unbanned initiative. And, if you’re able, you can also donate $50 to support one out-of-state teen card for a year.

@Morgane_lapine @moiety Idk. If it would have been for me maybe it would’ve been Kirby?

I don't know if I've mentioned here how much I appreciate that my AirPods (both Pro and Max) are tuned for my hearing loss, but goddamn do I appreciate the heck outta that.

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and hit it right on the nose with this one

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