If I have to go to work, I may as well look good. (eye contact)

Someone posted on Facebook about Garak and I fell down a gay rabbit hole of crushing on Alexander Siddig once again

pandemic, mental health, joke 

EVERYONE: oh I’m gonna read so many books during the pandemic


So I have been experimenting with a look… ( with eye contact)

This one is probably my favorite. Paddle controller, works with like three games, including Arkanoid and the Space Invaders Extreme games.

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I got a Japan-exclusive Polar White Nintendo DS for not a lot of money and made zigg from 16 years ago very happy.

Idk about these wireless earbuds Amazon is recommending me, they seem dangerous

Cleared all of last night. Took about eight hours, with a not-insignificant amount of time dedicated to locating lost kittens because I am terrible at searching for things.


Tonight’s recipe: mushroom fettuccine Alfredo.

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