If perforation… what? Tell me, tortilla packaging! What did you see?!

Feel like I’m always posting the same picture but I just love when the sunrise illuminates clouds ☺️

video game screenshot 

The last snowperson... hanging on even as winter has left Niwa.

video game screenshot 

I think this is the biggest perfect snowperson one can make. Melted small snowperson for comparison.

I fixed a nail today that was horizontally split, a few millimeters down and nearly halfway across. The surrounding skin is a bit abused but boy does it look good. 💅

P.S. “nail glue” is literally super glue (cyanoacrylate).

video game screenshot 

Made right about the smallest possible perfect snowperson, I think

I wish I remember who made this (or at least posted it), but it definitely belonged framed and hanging over my couch.

Here’s a bonus I forgot was in my camera roll for those who prefer sunsets. This is over the Huron River here in . 🌅

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