"Weird Al" Yankovic's Funko Pop actually looks pretty great and I am kind of blown away by this fact

Maybe this is better (eye contact) :boost_ok:

Honestly having trouble liking my selfies this morning

Let’s try this again. Good morning. 🌞( with eye contact) :boost_ok:

Today the clouds are officially The Fluffiest ☁️

This is the best phone case I have ever had. It’s ThanoTech’s K11 bumper (currently a mere $7 if you have an old iPhone 6s Plus like I do) and it snaps around the outside of the phone, leaving the back open, allowing heat to actually dissipate off the metal back of the phone.

It still gives drop protection (though no, I will not test it!) and there’s even a little protrusion near the camera to keep it from touching a desk you lay your phone on. And it works with Apple’s Lightning Dock!


Found this in a meeting room and it kind of terrifies me

Hello. Come sit in the sun with me. ( with eye contact) :boost_ok:

Good morning from the corner outside my building ⛅️

I guess I didn’t get the memo about gay christmas being over ( with eye contact) :boost_ok:

Got my OG Gilbert Baker Rainbow Flag back on my wall where it belongs, after taking it on a small tour to give talks at our various offices for this year 🏳️‍🌈

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