video game screenshot 

I promise you I did not fake this screenshot of this particular tip, this is 100% real

video game screenshot 

Made a few flags for your fireworks show tonight. Hit up creator id MA-7761-0202-7238 for the full set and a bonus sleeveless tee.

When you’re tired but also have that vaguely gross feeling, you just might need a

New Leaf: this is Reese, small business owner and vitally important to the town economy

: she claps for her man 😑

MADE IN HEIGHTS - Without My Enemy What Would I Do

One of my all-time favorites. 😍

(For some really complicated reasons, you can get the music here:

If you're interested in the reasons, hit this Reddit thread up:

The beauty of Alexander Siddig as recently as last year is my continued reminder of how gay I am

I have always prided myself on digging as deep as I can to find the original source for Things on the Internet and now I can say I have a source for my favorite Goofus and Gallant parody.

The source is volume 21, issue 5 ("Finals Fantasy") of the UC Berkeley humor magazine "The Heuristic Squelch". Here's a direct link:

So I got a new toy. (Soundscape by myNoise, a mix of Marimbas, Duduk Song, and Cave Chime, feat. the clothes dryer.)

I made a new emoji at work today after a certain company's calendaring solution continually insisted that a meeting was happening today that was actually scheduled for tomorrow

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