I got a Japan-exclusive Polar White Nintendo DS for not a lot of money and made zigg from 16 years ago very happy.

I was really really really into the DS when it came out. Kind of excited to have an original model again, I haven’t had a DS with the second slot for awhile and now a few accessories I own will actually be useful again.

This one is probably my favorite. Paddle controller, works with like three games, including Arkanoid and the Space Invaders Extreme games.

I also have the Rumble Pak (which came with Metroid Prime Pinball, a great game in its own right IMO.) It also works with so few games but it’s fun.

@zigg That's rather lovely. ^_^ I wish more tech came in a range of hues, both for the personal joy, and the audible bruxing of the techbros insisting nonesuch should be made in anything but grey or black (see also "beige" ca. 1982-1999).

(ISTR there was a pink version I wanted, but of course, solidly sold out)

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