Cleared all of last night. Took about eight hours, with a not-insignificant amount of time dedicated to locating lost kittens because I am terrible at searching for things.

Bowser’s Fury tips 

Tips I wish someone had given me for :

👉🏻 Plessie coins do not need to be collected by Plessie. Dismount and meet them on the other side.
👉🏻 Fury can be interrupted by entering a yellow pipe coin room, which also seems to reset then?
👉🏻 Fury is amazing for helping you see invisible walls.
👉🏻 Some Cat Shines are only attainable during Fury, when new ramps rise from the lake.
👉🏻 Once you get 50 Cat Shines it’s kinda pointless to fight Bowser again until you get all 100.

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