i swear to sidekiq if more ppl follow me and don’t interact with me i’m gonna have to purge my list. it feels too vulnerable. i write about my health and history under followers-only and it feels bad to give someone access to something relatively private and never hear from them again

@mood I apologize—I try not to cross folks’ boundaries and just give them space but more often than not that means I’m just sitting here being quiet 😞

@mood Also this is not at all intended to push anything back on you, sorry! I am just reflecting on how I could do better

@zigg oh no apology needed 💜 for the like 40 or so folks who regularly see me liking posts and we interact — even if it’s once in a blue moon — don’t worry a bit.

it’s the majority who have truly, for real, never so much as faved something in passing, that make me increasingly worried


@mood Thank you ☺️

The majority thing is totally fair and regrettably familiar—over the years that group has made me anxious more than once and led me to self-censor, not least because I have had a handful of bad experiences with vulnerable posts I’ve made in the past.

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