COVID, privacy 

Watching people in my neighborhood refuse to install the state’s tracing app based on the Apple/Google private close contact framework and—

Well, I don’t blame them for feeling that way. Tech has spent years and years fighting to protect their data stream instead of working to protect users.

In a roundabout fashion, tech’s refusal to build trust could literally lead to death and injury.

re: COVID, privacy 

@polychrome @zigg I've not yet seen any evidence that the tracking "solution" is actually helping? Would be curious to know. If it were, it still wouldn't justify relying on corporate surveillance of course, but so far I'm seeing a lot of hot air on how tracking schemes "might" work and then all positive outcomes are attributed to old fashioned methods: quarantines, masks, distance, lockdowns.

re: COVID, privacy 

@cathal I haven’t really heard either way—lots of digital ink spilled, very little reporting. I do firmly believe that if it doesn’t get a certain amount of takeup, it will never work.

re: COVID, privacy 

@polychrome @zigg Yes, that's an understood part of the narrative. But there are so many other factors: e.g. was I "near" enough to someone for Bluetooth, but with an impermeable barrier between? Was it outdoors or indoors? Was the area well ventilated? Was I upwind or downwind?
So there's huge room for noise, and contact tracing is already highly prone to collapse under weight of too many connections: perhaps memories are really the best noise filter?

re: COVID, privacy 

@polychrome @zigg I get the supposed idea, yes. But I'm wondering whether this has actually been evaluated now; is there data to suggest that this broad, supposedly granular surveillance method actually yields useful results not obtainable otherwise?
The argument after all is near identical to the "mass surveillance vs. terrorism" one, and that one turned out to be false, worse than false. The useful leads were generated using proven methods.

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