This is a really interesting theory—my analytical brain says “yes, let’s!” But I know we could never get the political will together, as surely as the idea of the people who couldn’t be bothered to protect others reaping vaccine benefits makes me angry.


@zigg Is this the article you are sharing?

(Apple News doesn’t let me access anything about the article, not even the title, so I had to use a workaround to find the link.)

@miramarco Yeah. You're also the second person I've heard having trouble with AN links—but it turned out later that it was just fine.

In my experience, an AN link just redirects to the news site in question if the browser doesn't push it to the AN app.

Idk how technology works. 😅

@miramarco Followup: yep, I just get a landing page instead of the article when I try it on Edge on my Windows box. Sorry. I'll try to figure something else out in the future.

@zigg No worries. The weird thing is that the redirect did not work on any of my browsers, even though I am using iOS :thaenkin:

@miramarco I figured it out. It was a News+ (subscription) story

@zigg Ah, I see. Apple should have explained it better in their landing page anyway, I hope they change it sooner or later. Thank you for the update :blobcat:

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