There’s an app (a few apps, actually) that will give you a hearing screening on iOS, and you can use the resulting audiograms to enable accommodations on AirPods Pro, making them more or less amateur hearing aids.

I’m concerned, though, because I can never hear the 8 kHz tones at all, no matter what headphones I use, no matter what device I use. I’ve seen people On The Internet using the same app and not having this problem. I can’t believe I have NO 8 kHz hearing, but…?


Still annoyed with this whole 8 kHz thing. Trying to find a different app, but I also don’t have a set of calibrated headphones, so the whole thing is becoming a bit of a chore.

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I found my three-year-old professionally-done audiograms—one from someone who was really aggressively trying to sell me and another from Costco where the audiologist had told me I wasn't yet at the place where a hearing aid would really help.

I know you can't really compare them but it's interesting to note that my app-based hearing tests generally had me doing worse in the 4kHz and 8kHz bands.

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