There’s an app (a few apps, actually) that will give you a hearing screening on iOS, and you can use the resulting audiograms to enable accommodations on AirPods Pro, making them more or less amateur hearing aids.

I’m concerned, though, because I can never hear the 8 kHz tones at all, no matter what headphones I use, no matter what device I use. I’ve seen people On The Internet using the same app and not having this problem. I can’t believe I have NO 8 kHz hearing, but…?



Still annoyed with this whole 8 kHz thing. Trying to find a different app, but I also don’t have a set of calibrated headphones, so the whole thing is becoming a bit of a chore.


I found my three-year-old professionally-done audiograms—one from someone who was really aggressively trying to sell me and another from Costco where the audiologist had told me I wasn't yet at the place where a hearing aid would really help.

I know you can't really compare them but it's interesting to note that my app-based hearing tests generally had me doing worse in the 4kHz and 8kHz bands.

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@zigg I've always used audiocheck.net in the past to assess audio response. Maybe give this one a try to see what results you get audiocheck.net/testtones_heari

For me, I definitely start exhibiting some hearing loss at 4kHz. Whereas at the lower tones I start picking them up at 10-15dB, at 4k I don't hear anything until 30dB, and at 8k I get nothing until 50dB!


@dgoings I ended up hitting up hearingtest.online (which, despite the hilariously suspicious domain name, I’ve been to before, and definitely appears to me to have been built by someone who does their research. And it won’t spring a “okay now give me your email to send you the results!” on you.)

I did get a result for the 8 kHz band this time, though it remains pretty dismal. I have a small hill near the low tones and then the cliff comes shortly after… 😅


@dgoings Oh, yes, and the claim is made that it doesn’t need calibrated headphones. It all sounds good to me, but IANAA (I am not an audiologist).

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