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Today’s mental health learning: depression destroys memory. plain-flavoured-english.tumblr

Related: I couldn’t post this without thinking “oh is this another one of those things you saw on the Internet and reworked your memories (or lack thereof, in this case 😆) to fit? more mental health cyberchrondia?” Glad I talked to my therapist about this recently; she set me straight on this front.

mental health, meta 

@zigg my memory has been really bad since my worst anxiety episode in February, it's slowly improving with the meds, but instead my ADHD is back in full force. I don't know what's better to be honest, I feel like a human goldfish XD

mental health, meta 

@oddity 😬 Anxiety really figures into it too in my experience! I wish there was something we could to to help each other here.

mental health, meta 

@zigg I have less anxiety now that I am on my medication but my GP increased the dosage a month ago and ouch, did it turn me into a goldfish squirrel x)

We talked earlier today and we're going back to the previous dosage.

mental health, meta 

@zigg That’s true in my experience, especially the tags on the tumblr post.

In my case, the impact of memory loss on my work was one of the things that pushed me towards looking for professional help.

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@zigg Thanks for sharing, i didn't knew about that before!

mental health, meta 

@zigg oh well… that explains that… :|

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