Few phrases make me as wary as "women and non-binary people".

@zigg “Women and trans women”, too. Though that’s rarer, thankfully.

@ghost_bird Yeah. To me, "women and trans women" reads much more blatantly "trans women aren't _real_"—I think the passage of time has helped with that one, as you say, thankfully.

"Women and non-binary people" seems a bit more subtle, even to me, who is sitting here wondering if they intended to exclude me or not.

@zigg My feeling is “women and trans women” is usually weaponised, while “women and non-binary” is more likely to mean they haven’t examined their assumptions. Which isn’t great either, of course.

@ghost_bird Yup. I think that you're solidly on to something there.

@zigg it's like someone took the pronoun "(s)he" and turned it into a phrase

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