@oolongstains A coworker's friend had 500+ and I just so happened to have invested in five pocketloads of turnips, so 8.26 million in profit, minus 495k in tips that I left at said friend's doorstep.

And I swear I am done with turnips now. Maybe.

@zigg When I got up to 4 million, bells ceased to have any value for me. I'm now past 14 million, and I don't think I'll ever be able to spend it.

Then I realize it's probably fake; faker than any fiat currency anyway. It's generated by tanukis, seemingly in vast numbers out of nowhere, so I suspect it's just a bunch of pebbles and leaves with a magical illusion.

@zigg I like to imagine the only reason money exists in the AC world is because Nook thought it was something people expected. It is a monetary system designed by someone who doesn't know much about money and doesn't really care. It's all worthless, but they'd have trouble telling you that up front, so they put you through steps to figure it out on your own. Bells, leaves, it's all just some silly game, and for a while it's fun to play along.

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