math and computer science, bad term, :boost_ok: 

There's a concept in math and computer science—namely, functional programming—of the "degenerate case".

It's an exception, different from the norm, and recursive functions can check for and process those first to keep themselves as flat as possible.

"Degenerate" was also used by the Nazis to describe "un-German" art, and is used today as a ableist slur.

Is anyone aware of ideas or efforts to replace the term with something better?

math and computer science, bad term, :boost_ok: 

@Jenkar @zigg I’m pretty sure I’ve seen both “simplest” and “trivial” case for that last recursive call where you won’t recurse any more.

math and computer science, bad term, :boost_ok: 

@zigg I'd usually call it the 'base case'

(not a mathematician, just thinking out loud) re: math and computer science, bad term, :boost_ok: 

@zigg looking at the Wikipedia article - - it sounds like the key thing about these cases is that they reduce a complicated thing to a simpler thing

they give the example of a triangle with an angle of zero or a side length of zero - both of those triangles end up being lines.

so maybe something about reducing would be a direction to go with the terminology.

(also we checked the etymology of "degenerate" and it is extremely yikes from the very start)

- Packsnek

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