gender, negative 

Ah, always nice to be reminded that I’m not actually seen as anything but a man

gender, negative 

@zigg You are here. :heart_nb: I know it's not everything and it's not always enough. But we see you.

re: gender, negative 

@zigg ☹️

*offers hugs*

you are a cool person and I hate that people treat you that way :(

- 🦊

gender, negative 

@zigg seen that way by whom? Is this beholder someone you respect, who has demonstrated insight and good companionship or is this someone lost in the fog of their own cares, who has little awareness or care to spend on someone else? Be careful whose assessment of you you're allowing to influence your own self-expression and judgement.

Chances are good that someone who fails to see all of you fails to see much and is not a worthy touchpoint. :_gayheart2:

@compostablespork Thank you for this. I read this a few times and it was very healing. 🧡

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