I’m looking for anyone who has had or can point me to accounts of experiences setting up a -neutral bathroom at a —signage, logistics, safety, etc. Boosts appreciated!

@zigg One cool thing I saw is that I learned that there was a gender-neutral bathroom at a conference in the program leaflet they gave at the inscription. An indication on the building map would have been useful.
And a clear signage on the door – in the end I never found this bathroom :sweat_smile_ms:

@Yulran Yesssss, that sounds like the kind of experience we do not need heh

@Yulran @zigg

My perpetual nightmare. Finding thing in large bulding... Je compatie

@zigg I’m generally satisfied with a rebranded disabled toilet. But complete gender neutral toilets work better I think. The rebrand is the path of least resistance tho.

@moiety Yeah. And maybe the only option when you’re renting a venue. 🤔

@zigg well you could also rebrand the men/women rooms to be gender neutral of course. But doing so for the disabled toilet is a bit easier/less controversial.

@moiety I thought I’d heard something somewhere about it being important to keep a women’s room for trans + cis women

@moiety I don’t know what the assertion was about. I want to say of course not.

But it seemed like it was important to protect against cis men? But these are the sorts of things I get anxious about tbh, not really understanding everyone’s needs.

Wish I could remember where I saw it.

@zigg not a tech conference, but when I went to ConFusion a couple years ago they'd designaned the bathrooms as gender neutral. might be worth reaching out to them on twitter?

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