you don’t really fit into either the Monday selfie thing or the Friday selfie thing but are still really happy for all y’all and seeing all y’all that do


Okay so I need to make sure I am ready to take a good for the inaugural tomorrow (thank you @MmeLibertine for the sweet name!)

@zigg YAY! I'm so glad you like. I hope it catches on. Enbies deserve love and visibility too, dangit.

@MmeLibertine 🥰 you are a really wonderful person, you know that

Having it halfway between masc Monday and femme Friday makes me laugh. :)

@hollyamory @MmeLibertine I keep forgetting to tell you one of my about this.

I went to go work out of our other office some time back and a member of our work queer contingent, a woman, waved me over for a moment, knelt down, and rolled up her pant legs a little bit to show me a rainbow sock on one foot and a regular sock on the other.

“I’m half-gay today,” she told me, a little hushed, and we both giggled 😁

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