Hello, my old friend. You and I are going to spend a _lot_ of time together.

@zigg does this mean you're getting me a switch?

@zigg I knew you loved me. ❤️❤️❤️😍

@maloki @zigg Better yet: we'll have to fly to see them and play with them because it has local coop!

@anna @maloki I mean I would _adore_ this 😁

But is it local and not online?

@zigg @maloki I believe there's local and online 🤔, but they showed local coop for the first time on Nintendo Treehouse!

@zigg @maloki They mentioned a lot of new little things including the option to change weather settings to the Southern hemisphere (yay for me!). It's definitely worth watching:

@xyzzy I knowwwww!

I might actually do paths this time

I was just Not Into the idea of dropping tiles all over town

@zigg @maloki I’ve just started playing New Leaf, and I had honestly forgotten how much I enjoyed this game 😁

(I’d only played Wild World before. I came very close to completing the museum in that game, so it’s fair to say I sank some hours into it!)

@maloki @zigg Apologies. “Toot!” seems to automatically loop in the person whose boosted toot I’m responding to for some reason 🤷‍♂️

@TreacherousNexus Yeah, that's something I turned off, it's in the settings

@zigg fixed! 👍

How are you enjoying your Switch btw? I vaguely remember you convincing me to play Zelda Breath of the Wild on one, and it was a good recommendation 😁

(Like other consoles this generation though I bought it, played the games that interested me then sold it. I think the second hand 2DS XL I picked up towards the end of last month might have more staying power because I can build a big library of cheap second hand games for it)

@TreacherousNexus I haven't been playing it a ton lately—mostly Mario Kart with @Grey_Ghost, Katamari, and Tetris 99 on occasion

@TreacherousNexus @zigg I genuinely thought you were just replying to my reply on some other post :)

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