I don’t know what’s worse—having an unexplained vertical bruise on one’s forehead, or suddenly realizing where it came from and finding yourself explaining it in excruciatingly clumsy detail to the friend currently on the phone with you

Okay seriously though this bruise is ruining allll my selfies 😭

@knittingsquirrel This was definitely _not_ my intent sharing that story 😅

@zigg @knittingsquirrel

Come on, no vaguetooting about forehead bruises! We want to know! :flan_popcorn:

@zigg @knittingsquirrel You do realize we're just going to be filling in the story in our imaginations, right?

It's only natural, can't help it...

@compostablespork @knittingsquirrel It’s likely way better than the real story so please do 😆

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