Hi have we repealed DST yet 😴

@porsupah Niiiiice

My state has a measure to drop out of it again that probably will not go anywhere, tbh I’m not sure why the capitalists who lose so much productivity this week haven’t latched on to the idea

Eliminating summer/winter time switching Show more

@zigg @porsupah Thanks to Michigan's business interests, the EDT-killing measure won't go anywhere.

We'd have MUCH better luck killing EST, and going to EDT all year long.

@mwlucas @porsupah What are these business interests seriously

They make no sense to me, but then again what business interests do 🙃

@zigg @porsupah Recreation and vacation businesses that want the "extra" hour of evening light.

@mwlucas @zigg @porsupah
I think that is why daily savings time won't die. Everyone hatest the change, but lots of folks like having daylight later into the day. If we were to get rid of DST then really it's more logical just to go back to regular time. Clinging to the extra daylight lends credence to the idea that DST actually does something. So it continues to live....

Oh, I know! We'll just keep expanding it so there is only like a one weekend stretch without DST!


@kurtm @mwlucas @zigg @porsupah It also really depends where you are located.

For instance, in France most people (that I know) would prefer to stay on Winter time, whereas in Austria most would prefer Summer time.

Both are in Central European Time, but they are about 1000km appart, eastwards.

(OK, there's some complicated history too, because most of Western Europe was on GMT before WW2... Nazis are why France is on the wrong timezone)

@kellerfuchs @kurtm @mwlucas @zigg That's my incentive - I'm very much in favor of more evening light around Feb/Mar, so I'd love to see GMT dropped in favor of year-round BST.

(And see upthread for a Californian process that's at the stage of "only" requiring Congressional approval, as states can currently only opt to permanent winter time; the alternative currently requires an authorisation bill)

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