Hi, I'm irritated about the "was he really?" bisexuality coverage.

1. "He advised François Clemmons to hide his sexuality"—yes, but that was a different time, he was still quietly supportive, and he also encouraged him to explore feminine presentation.

2. "He was monogamous"—Separate. Things. Will someone please get these straights out of my journalism?

Fred wasn't perfect. And we don't know he was , yes. But you, heteronormative writer, ain't disproving shit with this.


struggles under a massive weight of and it pisses me off.

If y'all made a world where it was okay to be and monogamous and not have to be just because you were AMAB then maybe we'd not have to grab these threads and hold on to them for dear life, because people would be able to live lives absolutely true to themselves and in many historical cases, _we would know_!

In the meantime, I'm casting my lot in with the queers. Thanks.

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