A reminder that if you want to support a small business making the best in existence, a group of Lexmark employees once bought the buckling-spring manufacturing rights from IBM and the factory where they were made and formed this company, who will sell you a brand new one

Oh. I didn't know that these were the "original" when you linked them to me. That makes it even better!

@zigg I love their 5250 keyboards...

the enter key you rap with your pinky knuckle...

good times...

@zigg I have one, and love it. They are wonderful keyboards and wonderful people.

@zigg since when do they offer international layouts? never seen that, was the only reason i hadn't already ordered

@waldfee Hm, I'm not sure! It isn't something I'd looked for before

@zigg thanks for reminding me of unicomp. now i gotta find a way to justify ordering ;)

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