“Never make fun of people for mispronouncing a word. It means they learned it by reading.”

@zigg My mom made fun of my improper pronunciation. I told her I didn't have the advantage of growing up among adults with extensive vocabularies willing to talk with me.

@cosullivan @zigg Amazing burn. Also wtf? Don't make fun of your kids. Chances are it's your fault!

@zigg or that the person is deaf. i got made fun of a lot for mispronouncing words cause I can't hear the difference between sounds that are similar :(

@zigg i mean, someone might think pseudo is pronounced puh-SOY-dough

@zigg good advice, but not always true! We sometimes use silly words and pronunciations at home relating to our cat, and have never let our daughter live down the time she read the word "anus" as "anoos" at school!

@zigg how many people in tech didnt get a job because they didnt know the pronounciation of an acronym (looking at you SCSI).

This is such a good post, thanks for saying it.

@kyzh Sure! I don’t remember who said it, unfortunately—I heard it in a talk at a tech conference last year.

@zigg so you're saying i shouldn't make fun of people for being nerds who read? you're really not selling me on this mate
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