I am clearly the god now because I'm saying things in Slack like "if you'd like a free try, hmu Monday, I always have color and top with me and I can bring base"

@zigg So if I were, hypothetically, going to try to secure funding for PyOhio vanity branded nail polish for 2019 is that something you'd be into?

@zigg no promises, I'm just starting to look into it. But it's something I've been thinking a bit about how to do.

@thejessleigh It's an intriguing proposition

Are there PyOhio colors…? Is there a finish out there that brings "reptile" to mind? 🤔

@zigg The PyOhio logo is green or grey, from what I've seen, but really can be any color since it's just the outline of Ohio with "Py" on it.

Idk that PyOhio has specific brand colors, but the Python brand colors are blue and yellow.

@thejessleigh I have seen that green a lot

I colored my PyOhio Slack the green from the website

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