Y'all can sue me but I am really digging S1 of Star Trek Discovery

@viciousviscosity I am not offended in the slightest by what’s been going on so far 😊

Star Trek Disco spoiler 

Star Trek Disco spoiler 

@zigg I watched like four episodes of it the last time I visited my boyfriend; he found out I hadn't seen it and decided this had to be fixed at once. :) When one finished he'd ask me if I wanted to put the next episode on and I always did. :)

@zigg i should pick it up again. I've seen the first few episodes but it's too emotionally intense for me to watch multiple episodes at a time

@metapianycist -nod- I’d say it doesn’t really let up on that either

I get addicted to it, I think. Hard to turn it off and go to sleep this week 😬

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