Here’s a free .

If you’re wondering if you should say “you and I” or “you and me”, delete the “you and” and see if you sound like Cookie Monster. Switch if you do.

“You and me should go” yields “me should go”. Use “I” here instead.

“That’s good for you and I” yields “That’s good for I”. Use “me” here instead.

@stsp Don’t we all?

I wonder if caffeinated cookies are a thing

@zigg I lost another tiny fragment of respect for my boss today when he got this wrong (again). Boosting the heck out of your tip.

@y6nH Hehe. I insisted with a colleague a few weeks back. He didn’t believe it, went to the Internet to verify, sheepishly came back acknowledging it a little bit later. 😅

@zigg I use this tip all the time. Though I still have to expend a lot more thought if it's a subordinate clause where the clause acts as a subject or object but within the clause, the I/me acts in the opposite role.

That is a great Tipp thanks a lot! Also cookie monster nombomnom


I always suspected that Cookie monster knew more about English grammar than me...

There More You Know ™...


Greate tip! But still difficult to intuitively get right while just babbling along. 😁

You just clarified how to speak Cookie Monster for me, thank you

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