Really wish using the at-here and at-channel handles in Slack popped up a confirmation dialog saying something like "You are about to send notifications to 203 people. Are you sure?"


@lmorchard Wait, I could have sworn it did that for at-channel

@zigg If it does, that that makes me even more annoyed that folks do it anyway :/ (I have never used it myself)

@lmorchard @zigg counterpoint: this is like getting upset that someone sent you an email. Tune your notification settings so these don’t alert you (you can configure on a channel-by-channel basis)

@rod Well, yeah, it's like the classic reply-all thing.

Except I have Slack notifications on because folks get a hold of me expecting immediacy, which is not as much a thing with email.

And there's always someone well-meaning and not at all appropriate to be annoyed at who does it. So then I decide whether to disable notifications for that channel, or if I'll miss something important if I do

@lmorchard @zigg (also, I work at a company full of trolls who named a conference room "@here" for the lulz)

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