Update on Wojciech Golczewski’s latest: it’s good. Worth keeping a browser open to listen to it for now 🙂

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Shit to practice 👇🏽

-I’m really sorry
-that shit was my bad, full stop
-shit, I didn’t even consider that. Thanks for pointing that out.
-I’m sorry for X, I’m still learning and promise to not do it again. Thank you for telling me.

Omg there’s a new music from
Wojciech Golczewski and I think this might pull me from listening to the soundtrack

I _also_ had to do a git merge on my blog because I forgot to pull the content I'd written on another computer aaaaages ago and I was shocked when some content disappeared when I pushed my new stuff up. 😬

I wrote a review of this morning. It has been a very long time since I've written a video game review, but I really felt driven today. zigg.com/2019/gris-review.html

I have another beautiful clip from that I would love to post but it is such a spoiler 😅

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Finished . Except I have a bunch of missed collectibles and also achievements, soooooo

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Looking back on this day, I can say that I was unsteadily bisexual.

@RumPartov Who are you and what have you done with the atmosphere?

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The passionfruit flower is like that one Project Runway designer that puts all of the details on one garment. (There’s always one). #florispondence

Is it weird to not want to listen to a game soundtrack until I’ve completed that game

It’s so quiet and peaceful in my space at home and I just want this to go on forever

Turns out, being bad at Crypt of the NecroDancer, I am also bad at Cadence of Hyrule

Who knew 🤷‍♀️

Mental health breakthrough mornings are best mornings. 🌞

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It breaks my heart to see someone’s actual identity be invalidated. It really does, y’all.

Some of us took decades to get here and we are _still_ struggling to work this shit out in relation to people we are close to as well as to the rest of the world and coming into what we thought was _our_ community and finding… well.

Y’all need be your authentic self but you need to let others do the same. Be kind to all your queer sibs. This mama bear’s got big arms, but you gotta make that space too.

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request for advice from anyone who is vision impaired 

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