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The gender of the day is a suspicious planet.

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My favorite cartoon to post after someone online replies that they don't like the thing I like. Feel free to use this.

I just had the revelation that if I were a Care Bear I'd totally be Queer Heart Bear

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Men: sir
Women: ma’am
Neither: ???

It’s so nice to have the sun shining on me through my window this morning. 💛

Hey y’all. Hope your day is kind to you. 🌞

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I had to stop and take a closer look at these pansies, because the blue seemed almost unreal. #florespondence

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@zigg That's because the Will 2K scare never happened

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Everyone’s always going on about the millennials but nobody spares a thought for the willennials

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Gratitude lists not working for you? You're not the problem.


This essay said some things I needed to hear at a time when I really needed to hear them. I'm putting this out there in case someone else needs to hear them, too.

Y’all are making me cry with your wholesome friendship and love, you know that?

Bonus this week (eye contact) :boost_ok:

The Pride tee we designed is basically the office Friday uniform now and it’s the best 😊

I want you to know that no matter where you are going, you are going where you need to go and it is out of love for yourself.

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