When you’re tired but also have that vaguely gross feeling, you just might need a

New Leaf: this is Reese, small business owner and vitally important to the town economy

: she claps for her man 😑

MADE IN HEIGHTS - Without My Enemy What Would I Do

One of my all-time favorites. 😍

(For some really complicated reasons, you can get the music here: mediafire.com/file/77bvfp0l1kg

If you're interested in the reasons, hit this Reddit thread up: reddit.com/r/Music/comments/gb)

Happy International Non-Binary People's Day!

This year I'm actually kind of offended by the fact that it's exactly halfway between International Men's Day and International Women's Day. 😅

Also posted this on Facebook, and a friend took a religious turn to “purgatory cinnamon”, which I have decided is the cinnamon you accidentally inhale and just can’t get out of your sinuses for awhile.

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I just can’t pick up the ground cinnamon without idly wondering what sky cinnamon would be like.

I’ve been watching a bunch of lately—both the new season 13 and the classics—and this is a new classic. gizmoplex.com/products/1304-mu

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If you are still playing , please dream DA-0955-9240-8753 and check out what I’ve been working on in the middle of the northern edge of my island 😁

And let me know what you think!

The beauty of Alexander Siddig as recently as last year is my continued reminder of how gay I am

I have always prided myself on digging as deep as I can to find the original source for Things on the Internet and now I can say I have a source for my favorite Goofus and Gallant parody.

The source is volume 21, issue 5 ("Finals Fantasy") of the UC Berkeley humor magazine "The Heuristic Squelch". Here's a direct link: squelched.com/wp-content/uploa

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