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Is it just me or is it now entirely impossible to turn off the _daily_ firewall-disabled notifications in 😐

(yes, I know what I'm doing, no, I don't generally advise doing this)

I totally get and respect why someone would want to generally post follower-only, but it's strange from the outside seeing my friends responding to someone and not having a single clue what that person is like at all

GLOOMY ME: Look at these beautiful people enbying better than you ever will

CHEERLEADER ME: It’s actually impossible for one person to enby better than any other person

Some days I picture two tiny ziggs on my shoulders, kind of like the cartoon angel and devil, except mine are a gloomy downcast zigg and a zigg waving pom-poms shouting encouragement

Don’t expend energy trying to change the immovable past. Focus on the future.

I need to look at my bike when I get to the office. It just came out of the shop last week and it’s been mostly great but when I’m in first gear (which I’ve been using a lot with puddles 😬) it’s making a clicking noise 🤔

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Don’t be like me and almost miss your meds for the night, kids

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In case you’re wondering what it’s like to be married to @Grey_Ghost and/or be a resident of Michigan, while I was driving us home from dinner tonight she was telling me about the Moist Towelette Museum

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I wish people would talk before trying to follow, some of them look like really nice people but that doesn’t mean we are going to hit it off at all

Wouldn’t it be nice if people spelled out CWs

Trying band steering (essentially, forcing a device to connect to the closest Wi-Fi instead of stubbornly trying to stay connected to one across the house) on my eeros this morning.

Hoping this means less toggling Wi-Fi on and off on our devices because we’re connected but it isn’t exactly working.

I know it's been a good week if I can share Jeffpardy! with three people who haven't seen it before

It might be hard to open your heart to someone you love and trust. You may find you both struggle with anxiety for a long time after. But it’s important to live truthfully, for yourself, and for those you love.

You may not be able to do it today and that’s okay. And you shouldn’t do it if you won’t be safe. But please consider it, for you and for them.

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