(I repurposed the "science ship" watching over the B30 Eos in "Laser" and built the Q40 Hatchel on the same base, though it's so different that it could be hard to see the similarity)

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"Tanker": Products are often shuttled throughout the system to purpose-built factories, just like international trade on Earth, and similar classifications of ships exist today. The Hatchel is one such ship, known as the "Huge Ass Tanker", colloquially.

day 24: Astronomic events that affect gate travel must be recorded and studied closely, requiring a ship capable of quickly deploying to a location with cutting edge collection equipment. Data is merged into navigational models and distributed to gates as ships reach them.

(the cylinder spins independently of the nose and body, they're linked with an internal axle)

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day 22: The L34 Vigor is designed to fulfill operational hub duties in a battlegroup, with ample space for commanders. It carries a variety of smaller ships through gates on modular docking clamps, usually L32 Verve combatants and L33 Panache sensor support craft.

A look at the inside, furnished with a bed, desk, kitchenette, display, and toilet tucked away in the back

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day 21: Looking into an intrasystem cargo haulers' cabin is like looking into the lives of their owner-operators, as the cabin is their home for the majority of their time. Haulers can be away from a station for weeks or months, depending on the routes they choose to run.

these are the five common scales in LEGO modeling

- Mini (M) scale
- 7-plate, 6-plate, or micro (µ) scale
- 5-plate scale
- 3-plate scale
- Nano (N) scale

day 19: The industrial supply chain relies heavily on scouting resources in mineral-rich asteroid fields and harvesting them for factories. Within the colonial zone, access to the fields is held under strict contract and companies protect their claims with force

(I'm happy with how beetle-like this turned out)

day 19: Asteroid fields are lucrative resource mining destinations for people in the outer rim, where enforcement of colonial contracts is next to impossible and freighters can pick up a load of "accidentally" mislabeled cargo for a good price.

day 18: Lane Colonial Survey Corps tasks a number of design families from LHI for scientific and resource survey purposes. To minimize disrupting life, selections for LCSC posts are chosen from a cadre of scientists who receive special training in xenologic topics.

I am particularly pleased with these deployable cannons. They don't collide with anything!

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day 17: Mentioned barely as a footnote in catalogs available to select clients, Lane also produces a few low-observability design families when discrete operations are required. The stealth engineering department attracts more media attention than its name would imply.

day 16: Experimentation with the versatile B-series has resulted in several configurations launched to support defense operations throughout the outer rim. Pictured here is an Uzume-class conducting a first fire test, accompanied by a Huk-class scientific collection ship.

day 15: Convoys of ships traveling through the gates must group together in tight formation to fit into the effective space, much like locks on the rivers back on Earth. Fortunately for pilots, the risk of blocking the gate is lower, but Gate Ops still keeps a close eye.

day 14: The majority of core planets have at least one orbital elevator, most of them in operation constantly, only stopping long enough to exchange loads as they reduce the energy requirements to levels that merchants have a hard time working without.

The trademark iridescent livery of the craft makes a strong presence among tourists who book a spot on Gmelin Expeditions' naturalist tours.

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day 13: The GAH-J31 Steller is a common sight in the colonies among businesses and other wealthy individuals for its luxurious appearance and comfortable interior. They are used to quickly ferry people between stations while maintaining a strong network connection.

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