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Locking my profile after some thoughts about the greater community aspects of the fediverse

This should probably be the default for users, IMO

Anyway, you can still definitely request to follow and I'll probably approve it, but please interact some or send a DM!

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A Thing about our moods! (mind stuff) 

We're plural, so we each have different moods.

Sometimes one of us is fronting and that mood takes over our outward appearance, or that mood permeates through the space just like someone in a mood around others.

Sometimes it doesn't, and we can display *wildly* different moods in rapid succession!

Uh... Anyway... This has been A Thing?!


gonnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa splat

if a dog gives another dog an order are they a dogager? they can't be a manager...

help I can't stop laughing at my own jokes

Avengers Endgame dislike (spoilers) 

The one part I disliked the most about Endgame is when Thor is upset, mentions that he might be having a panic attack, and Rocket "slaps him out of it"

That's not... How it works...

Please don't reinforce that thought

aaaa cabbit is a nice too because she got me my medicine

:o miley sings elton john songs well, I like her

um excuse me miss... 

can I have a bloop?

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