Imagine getting freed from the matrix at a young age and then being stuck with whatever shitty hacker name you came up with when you were 13.

@scarfwitch or Delta
tho delta wouldn't be too bad tbh, as a name it does work pretty well

@scarfwitch my first username was Webspider. 😛

Yeah, I was 13 when I came up with it.

Webspider is a fine name.

Hang on. Its you!?!

You are wanted in Australia, hang tight as we arrange extradition for violating espionage laws here, that you are supposed to follow at all times.

Oh hang on.

Sex crimes, you are wanted for sex crimes. Forget the other stuff. Someone is on their way to get you.

@scarfwitch I think that *was* around the time Duë came up with the name Yowlen as her character name in Quake III. She played as Hunter.

Heh. Guess we always had cool taste cuz we still use that name even today in some places. ^_^


I was in a hacker crew when I was 16. Hackers still use my old handle even as I've not used it in close to 20 years. And the old one is downright unpronounceable.

@scarfwitch i am a free mind. My potential and the potential of the world are limitless.

My name is skillzthatkillz, and this is my story

@scarfwitch I have actually thought about this. and the idea of being known as "game geni" terrifies me

I am not going to tell you which it is, but I could kind of use it ironically nowadays.

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