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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a gender? You may be entitled to compensation‬

On the Ethics of Rolling Willie Nelson Up and Smoking Him When He Dies: a Roundtable Discussion

Apparently it’s International Pronouns Day? Ok, sure. My pronouns are she/they. You can use either.

Imagine getting freed from the matrix at a young age and then being stuck with whatever shitty hacker name you came up with when you were 13.

Floating between worry and stress and satisfaction and surprise gut punches of grief today. It’s enough to make my head spin.

Mossy Nissan is the ultimate jam of commercial jingles.

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How you gonna have a commercial challenge with no Mossy Nissan?

True entertainment is telling a stoned friend that the actual fruit of the strawberry is what we think of as the seeds.

Sam sees the horrors of war and remains kind. He sees a dead Southron and wonders what his name was and if he was really evil, or if he had gotten there by falling for someone else’s lies. He battles the evil he faces and his own weaknesses with sheer force of love.

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Because I haven’t said it in a while and it’s on my mind:

Sam is the hero of LOTR.

Everything starts with Sam falling through the window insisting he has to take care of Frodo. Sam is the backbone of the quest and keeps it going multiple times when Frodo can’t. He is also the one who is left behind to live with all those heavy memories, to carry on what he’s experienced in his life and community, and to memorialize the story of their journey for generations to come.

I’m really heartened to see I’m not alone in my bacon aftersmell aversion. I’m happy to report that this morning it’s dwindled down to a very faint pleasant bacony whiff. Thanks, air filter!

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In mastodon anime I’m the weird little animal that you kind of want to pet while simultaneously not being sure exactly what it is and you can’t decide if it’s cute.

And remember, this is for posterity, so: be honest.

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Why can I not vote in my own poll? Boooo.

(Obviously my vote is that bacon aftersmell is as vile as bacon is delicious)

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What’s your reaction when I say the words “bacon aftersmell”? (No wrong answers)

I admittedly didn’t know a lot about Klaus Nomi so I did some reading and watching videos and now I just feel so sad.

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