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Been a while so hey, why not a re- .

I’m mj - gen X, bi/pan genderfluid (she/they), recently diagnosed with ADHD and still in the throes of “oh THAT EXPLAINS IT”. Texan turned New Yorker turned Michigander. Cat parent, crafter, bookworm, pianist, nerd, collector of hobbies, queso lover. Let’s get comfy and talk about time travel.

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On the Ethics of Rolling Willie Nelson Up and Smoking Him When He Dies: a Roundtable Discussion

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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a gender? You may be entitled to compensation‬

I also have so many things I wanna get excited about rn (rings of power for instance!!) but I have little energy for it. Bah!

It comes from several years in a row of spending a couple weeks in London for Christmas and having this exact illness the entire period (and legit missing out on most if not all of the fun of the trip). It’s to the point where I now feel full on “I am ruining Christmas” guilt and panic when I start coughing like this.

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I know exactly where this comes from, there’s good reason for it, but it’s still ridiculous and I need to snap out of it.

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I’ve got the full on head/chest cold thing for several days now and I’m to the full on pity party stage. I’m missing all of fall (the entire season, that’s how this works), I missed all my chances to make up for missing birthday stuff, missing all my end of summer canning opportunities and gardening opportunities, and any chance I had to live life to the fullest is gone forever.

I fried up my first walleye last night. I feel like a real midwesterner now.

Lying in bed sick and reading about the genetic mechanisms that creat tortoiseshell/calico cats. TIL about x-inactivation which is pretty cool.

Friend: posts meme about listening to religious leaders who think Jesus is a biscuit

Me, a drag race fan: MY TIME HAS COME


Took my morning meds tonight by mistake ughhhhhh. I hope I sleep even a little.

I’ve never seen that happen in a press conference.

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I forgot to post about this earlier, but I really enjoyed it when Merrick Garland said “that’s all I can say at this time,” the reporters tried to asked questions anyway, he very calmly was like I Said What I Said….and there was COMPLETE SILENCE as he walked out.

Went to make a mocktail from my book and realized halfway through that I somehow don’t have balsamic vinegar. I improvised and it’s pretty good but I still wanna try it with the proper ingredients.

Oh no, my cat has discovered boingy doorstop at 12:45 am.

They stayed about 99% intact for a week each time (which, omg). I only changed cause I wanted to try different colors…but I’m curious how long it’ll last on me on average.

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Not getting paid for this at all, just seriously impressed.

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Product rec for those of you who paint your nails!

Background: I typically cannot keep a non-gel manicure nice for more than a day or two, if that. Once something chips I then obsessively pick at it and soon all my nails are bare and a mess.

Been getting Olive and June ads for a while and finally I was like FIIIIIIIINE - y’all this is the most long lasting manicure I’ve had in YEARS. It just flat out is not chipping. I am seriously impressed.

Wahhhhhh my apartment’s hvac system doesn’t have a c-wire (at least not one that is actually installed fully) so I can’t use the smart thermostat I picked out.

Like seriously someone please put this in a tv show plot. I’m dying.

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The Alex jones thing bahahhahahhahahhahahhaha oh my god that’s amazing.

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