just did my laundry in the tub like a muthafuckin boss

didn't know that BangBangCon was on. stayed up all night watching it. now I am like a sack of slime, no bones

this is the last day of my "vacation", I am sitting around in my underwear and I don't want to do anything. sulking


for anyone building masks, I just built the Fu mask (freesewing.org/fu-facemask-fre) and it fits beautifully. hugs my face all around

I just knocked over my water pitcher. 2L of water, meet floor

and this is a picture of one of the kittens on my curtains. kitten from a design ('Knittin Kitten') on spoonflower by elystrations

eye contact from poster of bts, several watercolor cat eyes, shameless 

there is more but it is at the very back of my storage locker and I cannot be arsed

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eye contact from poster of bts, several watercolor cat eyes, shameless 

now I am looking at my art, figuring out what to put up ahahaha

another buddy brought me my embroidery floss order

today is a much better day. no badbrains to speak of, happy to just isolate in peace

yesterday I found out an old buddy has been living in this building the whole time I was married

I don't think they clean the windows very often in my building

isolation, covid adjacent, crafts 

I am trying to use this time for all the things I normally have not got the time to do. There should be more time for this kind of thing in our lives.

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isolation, covid adjacent, crafts 

Planning to embroider kittens on my curtains. Page from McCall's Treasury of Needlecraft, 1955.

history, covid adjacent 

insight of the day: ration cards were also to prevent hoarding.

bless my new apartment, for it has abundant hot water when i want it

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