wonder how many other breakups Lemonade has helped with?

I feel healthier than I have in a long time

two weeks since I took that ring off

I am going to see the BTS movie today!

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me: here u go bby, have some lovely hydrating water, is good, make feel better
my own body: ppfpfpggglll blecj UG DISCUSTENG. fuck yuo

eye exam over, i do not need glasses. i just want them

I spent almost all day yesterday lying in bed watching tv and sleeping, today i feel awful

food, cat 

food, cat 

assembled ikea's cheapest futon. took me 3 hours. and i got some of the parts in the wrong place. fuckin

i am so excited! I am going to get glasses at the end of the month

food, pbjs, cute 

somewhere there is a kibble
way up high

this is what happens to elastic bands 30 years on. uncooked rubber spaghetti

I just took over the gym that my husband's Snorlax was in

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