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I'm all up to meet new folks but hm, it's funnier when we interact before you ask to follow me, the same way you knock on a door before entering in someone's home.

I like to know who I share stuff with when I post them in private, which doesn't work if I accept complete strangers :blobnervous:

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#introductions post 

I'm Oddity, specialist and by day, hardcore knitter by night .

I'm a sucker for 70's and 80's music and sold my soul to .

I binge watch LOTS of TV Shows and movies. I have adorable and the most wonderful SO.

I'm and , and are part of who I am. Also
I'm from QC . Drop by, say hi, I swear, I'm nice :3

Ahoy! I'm looking for an affordable web solution to host my website ( most likely I'll need a CMS so something that can eventually handle Wordpress and lightweight e-commerce stuff & I already have a domain) - any recommendations?

I am ultimately pissed that a platform that has been so vocal about inclusivity and diversity is not making the steps to own their promises and words.
can certainly do better, and should be the default, not an option.

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7/ The new survey they've put out regarding if people like/don't like the new design is weirdly formulated. One of the questions ask point blank if the person answering has disabilities (and if they are okay to, to disclose how it affects the way they go around the web)

⚠️This survey is not anonymous. ⚠️

Those informations are sensitive enough for you to anonymize data. By not doing this, they are telling folks to shut up or disclose their issues, which Ravelry's staff has no business knowing.

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6/ They've done a 1 month close beta with 100 people. People they've handpicked. So... I guess they did not collect any data ahead of time either to assess the most critical things the new design needed to address like accessibility or to sample tester so disabled people would be included.


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full caps / still about Ravelry 

5/ HOW IN THE WELL DO YOU ROLL OUT A FULL REDESIGN OUT OF NOWHERE AFTER 14 MONTHS OF WORK?! It affects businesses who rely on your platform, FFS.

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4/ They've been around for over a decade, they're not newbie on the web business. They are one of the biggest (if not the only one) platform dedicated to fibercrafts centralizing access to patterns and publications, along with local yarn stores and yarn brand. Not being on Ravelry when being in this type of business is kinda not possible


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3/ Arguing that Ravelry is a free platform and they do whatever they can is not a valid argument : they make money out of their user by selling advertising space. They're a business. It's their responsibility to ensure their platform doesn't cause harm to their user base.


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2/ Making their platform even less accessible than before is actively hurting (BIPOC owned) businesses who heavily rely on advertising on this platform, who PAY them to have visibility there. The same business and communities who are currently the most affected by the pandemic and social crisis


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πŸ”₯ On and

What's going on with Ravelry's accessibility issues is a serious shit show.

1/ Why did they root out the new design without extensive testing, a week and a half after making a huge stance for the movement? It redirects the conversation toward their colorshemes and cute icon, not great.


I feel for kids today who will never know how it felt to be in the β€œfree world” over 20 years ago. Yes, it was always an imperial project ridden with hypocrisy and brutality. But there was a general sense of β€œprogress” tonic to all that.

Not long ago the level of surveillance of populations now assumed as a dreary norm was a total dystopian nightmare. It was widely considered beyond the pale of civilization. We are going the wrong way.

Sic transit gloria...

Hey #knitting and #fiber people,

just in case you missed the #accessibility nightmare that is the new #ravelry and how awful, ableist and irresponsible the ravelry team deals with the disabled and chronically ill community right now: just read this thread

β›” If you are at risk of getting seizures, overloads or migraines please be careful as many are experiencing really bad reactions to the site and there is no warning on there.

Everyone else please read and speak up.

I'll gladly help. Same I'd you want to collect the patterns from your account in the meantime.

So far the actions taken by Ravelry have been insufficient and these are major accessibility issues on top of other. Accessibility is not an afterthought, accessibility should be the standard. - 2/2

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PSA : Ravelry

Attention to the knitting community : if you are subject to migraine and seizure, or are photosensitive, be careful venturing on Ravelry's platform since their redesign. 9 cases of seizure and multiple cases of severe migraine have been reported and they have not rolled back yet. (More info :

If you are concerned and need someone to activate the classic design for you on your account, let me know, - 1/2

do you have any idea what "a11y" means?

please boost this, I'm actually curious

If you're looking for a goodreads replacement that isn't owned by amazon, and maybe instead run & founded by a Black woman, then Nadia Odunayo has a treat for you! Her new platform The StoryGraph is still in beta but it already seems fully featured, looks & feels great–it has a really clean clear look, filters, half-star rating options, the works! Check it out!

US Politics, Primaries, Voter surpression, racism 

Just learned that there will be a county in Kentucky with a single polling station for 600.000+ people. WTF.
I've been an election worker in Germany a couple of times and we had like 1000, 1500 people dedicated to that site?! 600.000 is batshit crazy. Holy fuck! That particular county also "coincidentally" has the largest share of black voters in Kentucky

I don't really know how best to put this, but white people, your opinion doesn't matter like you were raised to believe it does.

Listen, reflect, and serve.

while you're at it, pick up some music by black trans artists!

AhMerAhSu (indie pop)

torraine futurum (dance pop)

mykki blanco (hip hop)

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