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I'm all up to meet new folks but hm, it's funnier when we interact before you ask to follow me, the same way you knock on a door before entering in someone's home.

I like to know who I share stuff with when I post them in private, which doesn't work if I accept complete strangers :blobnervous:

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#introductions post 

I'm Oddity, specialist and by day, hardcore knitter by night .

I'm a sucker for 70's and 80's music and sold my soul to .

I binge watch LOTS of TV Shows and movies. I have adorable and the most wonderful SO.

I'm and , and are part of who I am. Also
I'm from QC . Drop by, say hi, I swear, I'm nice :3

Apparently support for :ms_black_trans_flag: needs to be stated explicitly because white people gonna white people. So there you go. If you have a problem with :ms_black_trans_flag: I will take that as a warning about you.

Also, fuck horseshoe theory.

Working in IT / rant 

We settled on a specific scope for a delivery, he waits for the dev team to start coding to ask for more stuff but doesn't change the delivery date, because you know, he promise it to a client.

Without checking on the pipeline

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Working in IT / rant 

I don't know how I can word the whole notion of "the more you add in a project that was out of scope of the main feature, the longer it'll take and the more shit we risk making because we'll need more time to make it happen and you're not giving it to us" to my boss so he'll get it on day.

Meanwhile he keeps giving us shit on the fact that we have too many bugs.

Our cultures are so extremely gendered that several languages don’t have any way of referring to people without mentioning their assumed gender. Even colours are gendered. It’s gross, it’s unnecessary and it’s contributing to uphold extremely harmful systems. Why do we continue using gendered pronouns as a default?

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When you think about it, the concept of gendered pronouns, or using gendered marker words about people in general, is pretty gross. It doesn’t even really describe the person you’re talking about, it only adds a ton of (not necessarily correct) attributes to the context.

Universal health care is queer rights because it means we don’t have to contort our families into heteronormative molds anymore just to be able to go to the doctor.

Just so you know: I'm feeling seriously bisexual.

I just spilled the entirety of my smoothie on me and my desk (laptop is miraculously smoothie-free).

How's your day going?

Testing with real people is always preferable if you can.

You can simulate colour blindness with various tools though such as:

The contrast ratio can pass the guideline criteria but still be hard to read:


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