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I'm all up to meet new folks but hm, it's funnier when we interact before you ask to follow me, the same way you knock on a door before entering in someone's home.

I like to know who I share stuff with when I post them in private, which doesn't work if I accept complete strangers :blobnervous:

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#introductions post 

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if you think devs making up stories about personal relationships with women in FOSS to undermine and remove them from communities isn't something that needs to be addressed than I don't know what to tell you

what's the fucking point of any of this when these assholes get carte blanche to piss around doing what they want and harming who they want

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Jumped out of bed today thinking that I'm feeling frenetically bisexual.

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"fun" doesn't exist and chasing it in design is like chasing a rainbow. focus on a concrete experience goal and work from there

People, every time you use the argument of "every website on the market does it this way!" to justify a design decision, I want to slap you with your ableist point of view.

If the whole web was accessible, that would be another story.

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The gender of the day is a duplicitous void.

Someone took the time to publish an answer article to that spiteful piece about aesthetic and accessibility that made me angry last week.

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on weirder earth and the wider fediverse, our honorable users did not get told that

Cassidy, the coder of #ravelry, came out as #trans this august !!

it has unfortunately only made the rounds on corporate social media while the fediverse didn't take adequate note. as a mod on this instance I need to remedy that!

let's celebrate!!
:trans_comm: :trans_thinking: :transgender_flag: :transgender_mercury_symbol: :transgender_symbol: :transper: :anartrans_symbol: :flan_trans: :heart_trans:

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#Wire messenger, while operating from Switzerland, is now owned by a US holdings company. They also quietly updated their privacy policy to some very vague language. got a response from Wire's CEO after questioning them about the news and it didn't inspire much confidence. As a result, is no longer recommending the Wire platform on their website.

#privacy #encryption

Look, I've finished a hat ! It's a gift for a friend. Pattern is Thunderstorm Toque on Ravelry, yarn is Juniper Moon Farm Patagonia in Indigo

Every time I do have to screw stuff with strength (in this case, two vent plate in the basement), I end up busting at least one blood vessel in a finger.


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The gender of the day is a cosmic poltergeist in a mineshaft.

angry rant at ableist designers in UX 

angry rant at ableist designers in UX 

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I might finally be gay enough for Carly Rae Jepsen

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Dear new mastodon users: a lot of us are wary of spam and/or data collection bots so please make at least one post before following anyone thanks

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"queer" word usage 

I've finished my cardigan! I've been working on this since March. It's the Sammal cardigan pattern by Joji Locatelli un Douce Highland yarn from La Droguerie.

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~ Cap 'n Bucky's Big Gay Wedding ~

Act 1 scene 1


Cap: Bucky my love, I dreamed that Thanos had killed you!

Bucky: Shh, it was all a bad dream

Cap: I also dreamed that we had to constantly exchange conspicuously heterosexual anecdotes

Bucky: Oh you silly one, of course not

Cap and Bucky together: Because we have a big gay wedding to plan!

🎢 [Upbeat music starts playing because yes THIS IS A MUSICAL] 🎢

When it's cold enough for the furnace to use the secondary energy source that early in the winter.

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