If anyone works in NYC, or knows someone who works in NYC in tech and is hiring please hit me up 👍

Please boost.

@moth I thought you knew people in NYC?

@moiety Not many in my industry. I'm a software developer who's been working in high frequency routing, server-less architecture, and dev-ops for the last few years.


@moth does anything in this list interest you?

Most positions are available as remote too (even if not listed as such).

@moiety Assuming some of these can be remote I found some that look great

@moth if you want I could forward your resume to the appropriate people :)

@moth Do you know about TWC (Tech Workers Coalition)? They do labor organizing and leftist activism within the tech world, and they have a Slack which includes a job-board channel. They also have a branch in NYC (unlike most places - they're mostly just in NYC, SF, and Seattle)

@anomaly I haven't! do you have a link to any of their resources?

@moth I just sent you a DM from Friendica regarding your job search, let me know if you received it.

@moth You have my empathy. I worked in NYC until early March. After being unemployed for over three months, I found a job in Rochester.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 For the time being I'm still employed in PDX, and that shouldn't change, but I need some good excuses to visit/potentially work around NYC

@moth There seem to be plenty of tech companies, but they're all looking for full stack developers or similar skillsets. Brooklyn has a number of dotcoms, including Makerbot.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 As far as full stack goes the experience I'm missing for that is front end development. At my current job we do our own tooling, devops, and architecture

@FASA_Andrew_1879 And even then I've slowly been working on learning React so I'm getting there

@moth Out of my reach. I'm a process guy - ITIL, incident/change management, service delivery, insourcing/outsourcing engagement. I've got Linux skills and a background in tech writing. I just don't have the ability to be a developer. Sadly, writing #ttrpg materials doesn't bring enough cash to make a living in a capitalist society.

@moth hi yes im in nyc and in tech

the place I work for isn't hiring tho :|

@moth You might check out - all (actual, not ten-year-old companies without a plan beyond slurping VC cash) startups, no recruiters, so the pain factor’s more tolerable. If you want/need, “remote” is a filter option as well. NYC’s fairly well represented.

@moth I think the NY Linux users group may a good place to ask I am sure they had a page or list for local jobs etc.

I am in the UK so just lurk on the mailing list.

@moth I believe @xor is in NYC.

Consider the two of you connected by me.

@maloki @moth I work in NYC but not really in tech and I don't right now have my finger much on the pulse of the hiring scene. but if i can help at all let me know!

@xor I guess a boost of the original post helps a little bit? If nothing else. @moth

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