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Best compliment to date goes to @bryn "sleeping under the stars, daffodils, the smell of tomato plants. that's more like it"

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Going to do a flash piece of poetry a day for October for fun and forcing myself to write more and think less.

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Hi, you can call me Moth, Hannelore, Hanners, or you could stare into the night sky and dream of something better in your life.

I write poetry and work in the cloud. Rock climbing and power lifting are some of my hobbies.

Inside you there are two trucks, having sex. Two trucks, having sex.

This is the platonic ideal of a Karen outfit, my shirt has stripes and animals, my skirt is kind of short but not Short, and I'm wearing weird shoes

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Misandry levels check:

100% chance of misandry today.

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@amphetamine is telling me I need to reach out to you about my yoda voice "hMMmmMMm, business" bit

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