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Best compliment to date goes to @bryn "sleeping under the stars, daffodils, the smell of tomato plants. that's more like it"

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Going to do a flash piece of poetry a day for October for fun and forcing myself to write more and think less.

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Hi, you can call me Moth, Hannelore, Hanners, or you could stare into the night sky and dream of something better in your life.

I write poetry and work in the cloud. Rock climbing and power lifting are some of my hobbies.

even though she doesn't want anyone to know that she enjoys all of my posts, i am glad for the silent reinforcement @moth gives me

I'm trying to work but I've got Gay Fog Brain and I can't think

It is time
to count my blessings over the counters
of an empty kitchen.
I start with every single mug I own
and how I start my mornings with them.
The dawn rises like a sullen child,
it doesn't understand why we make such fuss.
But I am here to greet it
and together we walk out the door
and count our blessings like my steps to the beginning of the day.

@pixelpaperyarn #poetry #corvusrobotica #drunkpoetry

Anyways folks you gotta pick your favorite heart color and stick with it

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I used to break the honeycomb open
when I was a child,
I didn't know better. These days
I am still getting stung by everything
I should have known by now
to avoid.
Good intention and eager mouths
will only get me so far.
And I'll break my own heart
to get to the golden amber liquid
that tastes as sweet as innocence.

@artsyhonker #poetry #corvusrobotica #drunkpoetry

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I love the idea of a witch using mathematical optimization techniques to find the best placement of runes and glyphs in her spell circle, like how computer simulations of plasma flow gave rise to the 5-fold symmetry of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator

OK why the fuck am I at this meeting. I wasn't involved with the issue that produced the meeting BEFORE this one. So what exactly is my the only person being here good for?

Came into work mega late JUST for a meeting and if they don't show up I STG

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