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Best compliment to date goes to @bryn "sleeping under the stars, daffodils, the smell of tomato plants. that's more like it"

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PSA - Please Read Before Replying To My Selfies 

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Going to do a flash piece of poetry a day for October for fun and forcing myself to write more and think less.

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Hi, you can call me Moth, Hannelore, Hanners, or you could stare into the night sky and dream of something better in your life.

I write poetry and work in the cloud. Rock climbing and power lifting are some of my hobbies.

Crowdfund Request 

Ugh got my writings done for the first issue of the zine my friend is putting out but I'm first and I gotta wait for 3 more people to finish their work!!! D:

Love the fediverse. Love waking up to snake farts.

This is a friendly reminder that when two people on the fediverse have a disagreement, you don't *have* to express your opinion about it in their mentions, use the opportunity to make a loosely-related political point, or join a spiralling public drama about it.

It can be hard to break the habits we formed on platforms where techbros have monetised our negative emotions, divisions, and innate desire to belong. But your activist energy can be better directed, and your mental health will benefit.

It's the kinda night where I cry and listen to Mal Blum what's UP

Selfie, some ec? 

It's like letting a dog loose in a field but for like. . . slamming into walls.

I absolutely love when coaches give me express permission to do nothing but jam.


Derby is going really well! I didn't assess up last month (barely), but I absolutely will this time and I'm really so god damn excited.

relationships, hooking up, I dunno 

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