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Best compliment to date goes to @bryn "sleeping under the stars, daffodils, the smell of tomato plants. that's more like it"

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PSA - Please Read Before Replying To My Selfies 

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Going to do a flash piece of poetry a day for October for fun and forcing myself to write more and think less.

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Hi, you can call me Moth, Hannelore, Hanners, or you could stare into the night sky and dream of something better in your life.

I write poetry and work in the cloud. Rock climbing and power lifting are some of my hobbies.

Selfie (Boosts ok!) 

Selfie (Boosts ok!) 

Therapy + 

If intuition is right and two couples are into me right now I think I'm at my most powerful

Sort of single rn so if you wanna suck face here's your chance!!!!!

hey all! one of my partners is having a really rough time right now and had to drop from school due to a large possibility of being homeless, which is something they now cannot correct. they're $1.2k in debt due to their student loan going out from under them, please consider donating, and if you can't, please boost!


Probably should just like uhh tell her this

Lol really wish I wasn't the emotional support for this friends GF problems when we just got done sharing feelings for each other it's Not A Great Time.

Since #PeerTube doesn't have built-in Content Warning support like Mastodon does, and only supports "Sensitive Content" filtering, is there a way we can work around that?

PeerTube videos which are federated into #Mastodon timelines don't include the video description/notes, only the title and the embedded video, so putting it in there isn't the best.

With sensitive content it's hard to tell what something is until you open it, at which point you will see the Title, Thumbnail, and Description (and depending on settings the video may autoplay).



- mildly frustrating relationship thing 

Despite the outcome of champs I think everyone is most excited about 2x4, Philly, and Arch. I definitely was more enthralled by their games than anything else.

Found someone who's exactly like me so I finally have someone to complain to when I get attention starved 2 hours after being surrounded by people.

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