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Jackie Robinson played his first game for the Brooklyn Dodgers today, 72 years ago, shattering the color barrier and generally being a badass

*vaguely gestures towards lucky*

Like whatever, but, also like really pretty

Someone on here bought a mechanical keyboard with the keys in the colours of the trans pride flag. Of course this is now impossible to find, please boost this into the fediverse so that that person can share it again :trans_heart:

Not wanting to have to prove my gender I chose not to have one.

My mom just texted ofc to me and im like, ok bit severe mom but..

When did ofc stop standing for "Of fucking course"?

Upgrade to v2.8.0 for all instances hosted in finished!

Let me know if you run into any issues.

If we're going down this road (I approve!) I have to speak up for Jocelyn Bell Burnell, discoverer of the first pulsars. In addition to being a brilliant scientist she is also an awesome person who recognizes and is trying to do something about the inequalities in science.

@moiety @carbontwelve @ben the storage system is described in paper II, open access. page 8. on each telescope there are 4 signal chains. each chain is recording at 16Gbps over dual 10gigE writing to 32 HDDs in parallel. So 128 HDDs per telescope in all. 6-10 TB helium filled disks. Total data size of 1-2 PB per telescope, so I guess that's just one telescope's data on the desk.
The data is formatted as VDIF packets, so while it may be split into different files on the disks it can be reconstructed into the full stream.

@moiety Can we add Katherine Johnson and her hand-plotted calculations for the Mercury mission (and many more!) 😍


Update on this one. I think I’m going a bit too far on the details. But I really like where it’s headed.

A friend of mine spent $19 on a shitty sandwich at O’Hare airport that took so long to prepare, she gave her receipt to someone in line so she wouldn’t miss her flight. A flight that ended up delayed. One guess who is sitting next to her on the plane, eating “their” sandwich.

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