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Redid the trans pride sheep, I'm very happy with this one

Planet earth, the planet you’re likely reading this from, is quite beautiful :meowflower:

If you’ve ever told a dad joke today is your day

I assure you it's not though. Maybe I should darken it a little so it visuallt matches?

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Still feels like te middle red band is lighter than the outer rim? :DontAtMe: :boost_denied:

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fedi, what are nice trans stories? books, shows or movies? :boosts_ok_gay: :boost_requested:

if fashion was a card game, pants would be the regular, most common card type for leg clothing, and skirt would be the special type with an effect that gives 25% bonus on style points

you can unfollow any time you like
but you can... NEVER LEAVE

Which is your favourite of the seven seas? (lewd) 

The puss-sea :blobcatfingerguns:

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