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When I come home after a late night and try to look sexy for my partner:

Dress Up for Lockdown, eye contact 

Woke up like this 💁🏻‍♀️

(Seriously though, my heating is out and it’s cold, I slept in this sweater 😂. As soon as the heating is back up I’ll shower and change clothes, clinging on to the body heat for a minute yet.)

Wrapping myself in twelve layers of blankets :meowmorningreverse:

(My heating has been offline for three days now :meowterrified:)

Ask straight women who refer to their
friends as their girlfriends when they
came out in order to assert dominance :meowthinksmart:

if cis people are allowed to burn down half of california with a gender reveal party i think whenever a trans person comes out, they should be allowed to burn down a police station

In hospital to get my eyes checked.

The doctor said my sight is over 100%. Does that mean I can see more beautiful people on this webbed site?

CW: selfie, eye contact

"I'll teach them everything I know!"
"Hmm, you'll be done in no time in that case!"

Dating would be so much easier if I wasn’t so hot :blobcatcry:

i've got the pronouns. where do i get the blue hair?

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