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What’s your favourite US president?

Mine is Gaybraham Lincoln :100_gay:

I wat he’d a ten minute video on how to solve Rubik’s cubes and I’m more confused and I don’t have a cube

Dating profile: codependent person looking for ditto partner.

I’ve been asked to be the best girl at my gay friends’ wedding :100_gay: :blobcatmelt:

:bing: how to fold fitted sheets without getting mad after five seconds

If I could do one imperfect thing I’d be happy 🙏🏻

At some point I’ll properly frame all of these great pieces by @anaisfae :fuchsia:.

Can’t wait to open the Anaïs Faë wing in my gallery :blobcatgiggle:.

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Them: but what will you do when the subs come‽

Me: I… I’ll talk nicely to them and try to get them to come closer :blobcathug:.

hi my name is sarah. my pronouns are they/she and my proverbs are garbage in, garbage out

"Professionalism" is rooted in both white supremacy and ableism

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