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Please someone remind me to take meds twice a day without me telling you when I started.


“I’d like to announce that Linda from HR is moving to a new position!”

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"We all need to pull together to push this one through."
"This is proving harder than I expected."
"We need to come together as a group on this one."


@moiety can we do this at my place? I want to me sure the government isn't spying on us.

lewd joke followup, misinformation 

What this tells us is that god is either non binary or doesn’t exist.

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v lewd joke, alcohol 

If god was a man sperm would taste like beer 🍺.

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@moiety I'll be muting everyone, use the raise-hand button if you wish to speak.

@moiety We will live stream this meeting for our employees.

@moiety I'll be honest, I expected a higher turnout.

“It’s getting a bit crowded, we should take turns”

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@moiety y'all don't mind of I put this on YouTube later, right?

@moiety "I'm sorry, it seems our connection is breaking up"

Things you can say in a Zoom call but not your bedroom, go!

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