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browser extension, accessibility everyone 

This is fab

why browsers don't just build this stuff into their UI is beyond me.

fediblock, fash shit, freeze peach 

just had someone from freespeech dot group interact with me, instance name and the instances they interact with already say it all.


For bonus points: once the light goes green you should use the pole to push off of.

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I just watched someone clean a car for 38 minutes…

ADHD eh…

If you ever find yourself in the Netherlands on a bicycle at the traffic lights and want to blend in, lean against the small pole thing with the button like a pro :meowthumbsup:

fuck foss rant 

Yes Google is bad, yes they have issues, no you’re not the boss of other people or which services they use to learn fuck you you fucking fucks.

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Would you rather:

A. help someone learn
B. complain about the software they use and be a complete fucking asshole
C. does there really need to be a c?

hot take :blobcatevil: 

you are a good! yes, you! i know it's hard to believe! but i just really think so!

Have you memorized a bit of Simlish, from the Sims series of video games? Not making it up off the top of your head -- did you actually memorize at least one phrase?

Leave it below, I'm curious

how to stop blaming everyone else for your problems 

Pick one person and blame them for everything :meowthinksmart:

@moiety I am realizing I accidentally went to the Second Person Pronoun Shop

@moiety I went to the Second Hand Pronoun Shop; they had you/your/yours, a few y'alls and yuhs and youses, but nothing I was really interested in

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