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body, positive thoughts 

What if my body, but with breasts?

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selfie, eye contact 

I really do. I usually feel 463% better in clothes I sewed myself.

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Love being unfollowed for calling Elon Musk a huge asshole.

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Shading finished, squeeee! Just the metallic inks left now for the finishing touches 😁 #MastoArt

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class: keter

containement procedure: scp-blahaj must be kept in someone's arms.

description: scp-blahaj is a cute shaped shark plushie from IKEA. It requires cuddles and will get angy if it doesn't. When one cuddles scp-blahaj, cool and good brain chemicals will go brrrrrrr.

Well, you must be ready to lead me by the hand into daylight.

Zoë 💜

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South Africa introducing a new ID system that includes 'x' as well as m/f, where 'x' includes intersex, transgender, NB, or unspecified ^.^

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"I see you have a new jumper," the robot said.
"Like it?"
"I can not judge fashion."
"Well, I like big jumpers, they hide my shape."
The robot froze. "You want your shape hidden?"
"Haha, yes-"
"My radar... Erasing data now."
"You don't need-"
"Data without consent is... Wrong."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I want potential partners to take one look at me and immediately know they're in over their head or not :blobcatsmug:

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@siege in the words of the great dolly parton, find out who you are and do it on purpose.

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