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Here is the trailer for the short doc I was lucky to be director of photography/editor on

"Heaux History Project Presents: Rebelle"

#BWIF #sexwork #documentary #film

I feel estranged from my polycule now everyone’s name starts with a J.

Alt, continued: Your external color is green. This is how people see you. Green indicates growth, stability, and balance. You're not the type of person who does well in chaotic situations but instead, someone who operates best when things are slowed down. You're good with money and love to experience the joys of life with the ones you love. People can learn a lot from how you handle mistakes!

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Alt: Your internal color — meaning how you see yourself — is blue, which indicates that you're calm, logical, confident, and affectionate. While you sometimes let things get you down, you don't stay that way for very long. The color blue tends to bring peace, which is how you often feel. Your core values are trust and integrity, and you oftentimes prefer when things are stable. You're not the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of person.

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Selfie, Eye Contact 

It's #MascMonday again!
#FatBoySpring in full effect.
It's rainy and gross here, and I'm at work. But I'm pretty fucking happy! 🤷‍♂️

Good morning beautiful faces :blobcatcouple:

📷: this was a good day: super quiet outside, beautiful sunset, and perfectly laid out roads and trees.

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Sometimes I wonder if my manager would mind if I did our 1-on-1 meetings from my bed :meowthinking:

I actually made this account last fall but never fully switched over and eventually neglected it. I'm finally getting around to actually leaving my old instance behind. So this is my 2nd #intro.
My interest include traveling, farming, astrology, sewing. Im currently procrastinating devolping my app. I'm in college studying environmental science. I'm on the NY Green Party State committee. I also co-founded SUMAC Initiative (link in profile). Everything i post is boostable. Thanks!

PSA for makeup wearers: A Thread 

So, I realized not everyone knows to wash their brushes or how, so Im making this thread.

They make products specifically for this, but I've never had as much success with them, as I have with this formula, and it's cheap & easy.

1Tbsp Dawn or other soap that is good at degreasing
1Tbsp white vinegar
1C warm/hot water
1 clear container (I use a pint glass tbh)


OK! So
@moiety invited me to do a photo a day for a week Camera with flashI've also taken this lil challenge to explore my living space/building for inspo since I've been a bit hungry for some.

Here we go

Good morning beautiful faces 🐑.

📷: they look so soft 😍. Their mother was off to the side keeping a watchful eye as I took some photos.

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Q: why are there gods, and why are they like that?
A: how else would you explain prime numbers? : )

Q: why are there prime numbers, and why are they like that?
A: God is fucking with us : )

Selfie, eye contact 

I was feeling self conscious about this but time and distance has me feeling better about these so re-drafting as public

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